Fisheries Federation of Azores

The Federation of Fisheries of the Azores (FPA) was founded in 2005, and arises from the will of the associative fishing movement in the Azores.

The FPA groups the 12 fisheries associations of the 9 islands of the Azores, and maintains permanent contacts with all its associates in the form of local or regional meetings.

Defending the interests of fishing in the Azores, in mainland Portugal and abroad, always safeguarding the social, environmental and economic component of this activity, in the defense of a dignified and quality life for all fishermen, are the objectives of the FPA.

The FPA works to alert and engage the Regional and the Republic Governaments, in the implementation of essential strategies and defending a fisheries policy that respects the codes of conduct for responsible and sustainable fishing.

The FPA assumes the representation of Azores at the European Commission, in Brussels, and the participation in all the fisheries forums. At the international level, the FPA is represented in the different Consultative Councils, in particular in the Outermost Regions.

Of the various technical services provided, FPA collaborates in actions for the valorisation of fishery products and the fishing community, for sensitization, education and vocational training, and in direct aid to fishing companies. The FPA creates mechanisms to bring together the several players in the fishing industry – from research to consumer.